Thursday, 27 October 2011

kacang panjang and half boil egg

6 years ago, she told me she hates half boil egg. she just ate it 2 times in her life. i told her i hardly ate kacang panjang mentah. i would kutip satu-satu sampai habis dalam laksa. our reason? tak sedap, sebab mentah. uwek.

it has been 6 years, the things had changed. now when we go to pelita for braekfast, she will order half boil egg. and when we eat laksa, there are lots of kacang panjang mentah in my bowl.

somethings changed, but somethings not. like my love to her. if i had to go back in time, over and over again, i will definitely do this. it's really worth it!

happy 6th anniversary honey. tuf u!